Tool Balancers and Positioners
A tool balancer or positioner assists in preventing operator fatigue. It also adds to the convenience of the operator.

   Spring Balancer
  • Part No. 64021 - Spring Balancer 1-3 lbs.
  • Part No. 64022 - Spring Balancer 3-6 lbs.

   Tool Balancer / Retractor
  • Part Nos. 64308/64309 are true tool balancers. These balancers retract a tool completely allowing the operator access to the work area without tool interference. Part No. 64308 will handle tool weights up to 4 Ibs, and has a cord length of 60 inches.
  • Part No. 64309 is identical to Part No. 64308, except it will support 2 lbs.

   Tool Positioner
  • Part 64313 is a tool positioner. A tool will remain at whatever level or position the operator leaves it when doing other tasks. This unit will handle tool weights up to 5 Ibs. Cord length is 55 inches.