Working for you, evaluating your requirements, and recommending cost-effective and leading-edge solutions for your unique environments for Contamination-Control, Static-Control, Ergonomics and more. We want to EARN your business each day.

   Equipment and Supplies
       Accu-Seal:   Heat/Vacuum Sealing Equip, Pneumatic, with optional Nitrogen/Gas Purge
       AK Ltd:   Custom Acrylic Dispensers, Bins & Enclosures. Clear or Colored Plastic
       Air Guard:   Motorized HEPA/ULPA Filtered Fan Units, HEPA or ULPA Filters, Pre-Filtration
       AMG (Advanced Microscopy Group):    A division of Westover Scientific, Inc., Microscopes and Video Inspection Systems
       Apparel:   Reusable & Disposable: Hoods, Coveralls, Frocks, Facemasks, Shoe Cover, Bouffant.
       Berkshire:   Cleanroom wipers, swabs, photocopy paper, facemasks, glove liners
       Biofit:   Class 1 - 100k Cleanroom Seating. STD or ESD, Industrial Seating, Stools
       Bulbtronics:   Specialty Light Bulbs; Scientific, Medical, UV, IR, General Lighting & Batteries
       Channel Systems:   Aluminum & Powder coated Steel Ceiling Grids, Wall Panels, and Doors
       Cleanroom Lighting:   Cleanroom Ceiling Light Fixtures. Drop-In or Flow-Thru, Tear drop
       Custom Products:   Fabricator of Steel, Metal, and Polycarbonate
       Dexon:   Laminar Flow Benches & Hoods, HEPA & ULPA Filtered Hoods & Ceiling Modules
       Eagle:   Wire shelving, Carts, Tables & Racks-Chrome or Stainless Steel. Electro polished.
       Edsyn:   Soldering Stations.
       Fluke:   Test equipment and Process Tools
       EXTECH:   Instruments MultiMeters, Clamp-on Meters, Sound and Light Meters, Thermometers, Air-flow Meters
       Gloves:   SAFESKIN, QRP, MONTGOMERY, PERFECT FIT, OAK, Clean room Latex, Nitrile, Nylon, Acid, Conductive, Solvent, Finger cots, glove liners
       Hioki:   Electrical measuring instruments, Safety Test Instruments, Hi-Pot, Ground Test
       HEPA Corp:   Custom & Std ULPA, HEPA & ASHRAE Air Filters.
       LA-Lighting:   Lighting Products for controlled enviorments
       Liberty Ind:   Air Showers, Shoe Brush Machines, Softwall Cleanrooms, LAF Benches
       Packaging:   Cleanroom Packaging, Cleanroom Films, Custom Packaging
       MGN International:   Particle Counters, RION, ARTI, Airborne/Liquid, Remote Sensor Systems
       Micronova:   Wipes, Mops, Buckets, Sponges, Extension Tools, Swabs, Chemicals, Tapes
       OceanAire:   Portable HVAC
       PortaFab:   Cleanroom Wall Systems. Extruded Aluminum Channels w/Laminated Panels.
       Purus:   Contamination Control Sticky Mats for Cleanroom entry
       Ray Products:   Std & ESD Acrylic Dessicators, Pass-Thru's & Custom Enclosures. Glove Boxes
       Raytek:   Portable Infrared Thermometers
       Chemicals:   Chemical Testing Solutions, Acids, Buffers, Alcohols, DI Water
       SCE:   Chemical-Safe laboratory furnishings, Polypropylene & Stainless Steel Cabinets, Carts
       Simco:   Air Ionizers: Room Ionization, Pulse Bars, Meters, Charge Plate Analyzers
       Simplex:   Softwall Cleanrooms. Airlock Enclosures. Vinyl Softwalls. Strip Doors
       Tiger-Vac:   Portable ULPA/HEPA Filtered Vacuums. Wet/Dry, Aluminum or SS. Micro Tools
       Texwipe:   Cleaning Wipes
       Tronex:   Precision Handtools
       Veltek:   Sterile Alcohol, Sterile Disinfectants, Sterile Cleaners, Sterility Testers, PDA
       White Container:   Stainless Steel or Enamel Painted Waste Containers
       World Class Press:   Cleanroom Paper, Notebooks, Pads

   Static Control - Ergonomic - Industrial
       ACL:   Staticide Anti-Static Sprays, Floor Waxes, Wipes & Cleaners, Meters, Presaturated Wipes.
       Biofit Chairs:   ESD & STD Task Chairs & Stools. Vinyl or Cloth
       ErgoMat:   Anti-fatigue Mats. Std & Conductive, Chemical resistant, Nitrile
       ESD Systems:   Ionizers for all types of critical manufacturing processes
       EXAIR:   Compressed air products, Cold air guns, Cabinet coolers, Air knives, Static eliminators
       Liberty Packaging:   Static Shielding & Antistatic Packaging
       Lista, Arlink, Ergomation:   Work Benches, Storage Cabinets, Shelving Storage Systems, Carts, Ergonomic Height Adjustable Workstations, Electric or Manual, Parts Racks, Carts
       MFG:   Molded Fiberglass Totes & Trays
       Monroe:   Electro-Static Field & Volt meters. Resistance Meters
       Nilfisk:   Industrial Vacuums, Wet/Dry, and Dust Collection
       Simco: Air Ionizing:   Blowers, Room Systems, Bars, Guns, Nozzles, Web Cleaners
       Static Tech:   ESD Control Supplies, Table & Floor Mats, Wrist & Foots straps, and Meters
       Static Control Components:   ESD Control Supplies, Bags, Instrumentation, and Meters