SS-370-DCH-D Ductless Fume Hood

   When the application requires a filtered, 70� wide hooded type enclosure on the work surface, the SS-370-DCH-D Ductless Fume Hood may be an excellent choice. This unit features unique hinged folding side panels, a high-density polyethylene base, a clear polycarbonate top and a hinged sloping front lid.

For additional visibility, a transparent version is available at no extra cost.

   The powerful fans on top of the hood combine with a variety of Hepa and/or carbon filters to provide strong suction across the inlet area. Typical uses may involve the filtration of Toluene, MEK, Acetone, Alcohols, Solvents, and a variety of processes involving chemical fumes and dusts, where both a high velocity and high filtration area are a necessity.

   Sentry Air's Ductless Fume Hood can provide an effective and economical solution for many commercial, medical, laboratory and industrial applications.

Hood Dimensions: O.D: 24" D x 72� W x 25" H
I.D.: 23.5" D x 70" W x 24" H
Hood Material: Sides: .250" White Acrylic
Base: .500" White High Density Polyethylene
Top: .500" Clear Polycarbonate
Front: .250" Clear Polycarbonate
Blower Dimensions: 13" L x 13" W x 13.75" H
Blower Material: 16 ga. carbon steel w/ polyester epoxy coating on all surfaces
Total Weight: 115/1/60, Approx. 4 amps
Motor Fractional Horsepower, TEFC
Electrical: 115/1/60, Approx. 2 amps
Sound Level Approx. 61 to 66 dba (Blower Speed: Low to High)
Approximate Inlet Velocities: Pre-filter & 99.97% HEPA Filter - 170 FPM High; 25 FPM Low
Pre-filter & Heavy-duty Carbon Filter - 115 FPM High; 20 FPM Low
Warranty: Limited one-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to materials or workmanship.
Patented Design: U.S. PATENT #5,843,197