Quick Disconnect MicroMop Adapter

Polypropylene clamp adapter to hold Micromop and PolyGen series of floor mops. Attaches to SSU series of handles.

  • Product id: QDMH-1
  • Material: Polypropylene/Delrin
  • Accessories: SSU-1 Stainless Steel Handle, CRM and PG series of mop heads.

   Quick Disconnect NovaMop Adapter

Fits all NovaMop and ErgoMop roller mop heads. Will attach to all SSU series of handles. Autoclavable.

  • Product id: QDNH-1, QDNH-2
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Delrin
  • Accessories: EM-1, EM-2 ErgoMops, NM-1, NM-2, NM-6 NovaMops, SSU-1 Handle


An electropolished stainless steel wringer developed specifically for the NovaMop. Autoclavable.

  • Product id: W-3
  • Material: Electropolished Stainless Steel
  • Accessories: B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4 Bucket

   Universal Handle

The key unit for all Micronova mopping systems. The electropolished stainless steel handles have Delrin components giving strong all-around connections and hard-wearing properties. Available in extendible or single length versions. SSU-1 Extendible handle 38"-72" long, SSU-3 extendible handle 62"-120" long, SSU-8 extendible handle 14"-23" long, SSU-2 8" handle, SSU-4 61" handle, SSU-5 37" handle, SSU-6 25" handle, SSU-7 51" handle, SSU-9 12" handle. The entire handle can be autoclaved.

  • Product id: SSU-1, SSU-2, SSU-3, SSU-4, SSU-5, SSU-6, SSU-7, SSU-8, SSU-9
  • Material: Electropolished stainless steel/Delrin
  • Accessories: All QD- Quick Disconnect adapters. SSA-2/SSA-3 Acme thread adapters.