Heavy Duty CFM Metal Vane Anemometer

Withstands temperatures to 175°F (80°C) and airspeed to 7880ft/min

Display Air Flow (CFM) or Air Velocity plus Temperature

Air Flow displayed in 3 modes: - Instantaneous value - Up to 20 point average or - 2/3 flow value

Record and Recall MIN, MAX

Data Hold plus Auto power off

Built-in RS-232 PC Interface

   Heavy Duty Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer

Telescoping probe is designed to fit into small openings and measure airflow down to 40ft/min

Telescoping probe is ideal for measuring in HVAC ducts and other small vents; extends up to 4ft (1.22m) long.

Super large 1.4" (36mm) dual LCD display.

Min/Max, Data Hold

   Air Flow Indicators

Special Features:

  • All Mechanical Continuous Airflow Indicator
  • Positive and Negative Indicator
  • Simplifies Measurement of Low Air Velocities from (25 - 400 feet per minute, +/- 5%)
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Calibration Required
  • Easy to Install
  • Large, Easy-to-read Indicator Allows Staff to See Room Airflow at a Glance
  • Custom Sizes Available to Accommodate Unique Wall Dimensions
  • Replaces the need for Hot Wire Anemometer and other airflow direction devices
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Specification Data - MODELS L101, LN102 & LP102
Manufacturer: Lamiflow Air Systems, Inc.
Applications: Excellent for continuous monitoring of patient critical care and isolation rooms, labs, morgues, O.R., E.R., Endoscopy, N.I.C.U., Radiology and anywhere continuous monitoring of (negative or positive) airflow is desired.
Composition: All units are constructed in two sections of 1?4" Clear Acrylic and durable 18-gauge stainless steel with one airflow monitoring device (two in L101) fitted into the exterior section. The airflow gauge is specifically designed to measure low air velocities from 25 to 400 feet per minute. Gauge housing is molded from tough ABS plastic and is easy to clean.
Standard Size: Single Models: 4.4" tall, 2.125" wide, extend from 4" to 7" nominal
Double Model: 8.25" tall, 1.125" wide, both extend from 4" to 7" nominal
Weight: Single Models: 2.75 lbs. (4 lbs. shipped)
Double Model: 4.75 lbs. (6 lbs. shipped)
Calibration: No calibration required. Marks may be added to the gauge once desired airflow range is established.